The Royal Association Olivaint Conference of Belgium (hereinafter referred to as the “Olivaint Conference”) provides extra-curricular education on governance issues, i.e., on the institutions, rules, processes and practices having an influence on the exercise of power at local, national or international level.  Its overall objective is to prepare young adults for the exercise of professional responsibilities at the highest level while keeping a genuine concern for the public policy implications thereof.

By-laws of the Olivaint Conference of Belgium (Fr)  By-laws of the Olivaint Conference of Belgium (Nl)



The education provided by the Olivaint Conference is based upon the following values and principles:

  • Pluralism. The Olivaint Conference is founded on a strict anti-discrimination policy with regard to race, religion, gender, social, linguistic or territorial origin and beyond; opinions can be freely expressed to the extent that they are compatible with the core principles underlying a free democratic society. The Olivaint Conference is independent from political parties, religious obedience, or from any societal actor.
  • Participation.  The Conference encourages its Members and guest speakers to respectfully share their opinions and to engage into constructive debates. Active participation is required from all of its Members and the Conference supports their initiatives as long as they contribute to its overall objectives and Values.
  • Multidisciplinary. The Olivaint Conference aims at offering an education to various aspects of governance: political, legal, economical, technical, scientific, philosophic and ethical. This approach is reflected in its academic program.
  • Multilingualism.  The Olivaint Conference gathers students from all regions and communities of Belgium. Its working languages are French and Dutch; each member is able to understand both languages and is free to express himself in any of them.

The acceptance of the Values of the Conference is a prerequisite for the admission of new members and the selection of guest speakers.



The objectives and values of the Conference are translated in an academic program spread over two academic years, comprising:

  • 20 thematic workshops during Saturday afternoons, which include public speaking exercises and a conference-debate with a guest speaker;  
  • The drafting and publishing of written opinions;
  • An annual eloquence contest;
  • A summer study session in a foreign country.

The completion of the training program provided by the Olivaint Conference leads to the award of an attendance certificate. The functioning of the Olivaint Conference is laid down in a set of Internal rules.

Internal rules (Fr & Nl)

The Olivaint Conference is keen to develop an international dimension to its Project, notably by encouraging meetings between its Members and members of foreign associations sharing similar values and goals (See Links)

The Conference also promotes the involvement of its alumni in its Project and supports their reunions in the respect of its Values.

For additional information, please check the following brochure:

Olivaint brochure (En)