reuniondesanciensThe Olivaint Conference can rely on a network of more than 1.100 alumni. Some of them compose the General Assembly who elects the Board of Directors. Alumni take part in activities as guest speakers or correctors and provide the Conference with most of its financial means. They provide vital support and are fully involved in the organisation and activities of the Conference.

In 2005, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Olivaint Conference of Belgium, many alumni gathered during a symposium jointly organised by the Olivaint Conference and the Royal Institute for International Relations (Egmont)  in the “Palais d’Egmont” in Brussels on Issues in Europe (cf. Pictures).

An alumni directory for members of the association, was published to mark the 50th anniversary. It is available on request from the secretariat of the association (see Contact).

Since 1994, a alumni event is organised almost every year.

List of Alumni Meetings (FR)

Alumni meeting: Le 27 novembre 2014, au Club Prince Albert, conférence par Monsieur Karel DE GUCHT, ancien Commissaire européen,“Europe: the state of the Union”. “Compte-rendu audio-visuel de la session d’étude de juillet 2014 à Mons par des membres-étudiants qui y ont participé”.