Thematic workshop

10 thematic workshops are organised during each academic year. These meetings take place at the University Foundation in Brussels on Saturday afternoons. While dedicated to a specific topic, they are always structured along the same lines and comprise the same kinds of activities:


reunionthematiqueIn addition to the thematic workshops, Members have to contribute with written articles to the magazine “Contact”, which is distributed among the Members and friends of the Olivaint Conference and published on Olivaint’s website.  The quality of the articles is assessed independently and a prize is awarded each year to the author of the best article. The students are also encouraged to publish opinion articles in the press (Contact).

reunionthema2Oratory Art

Public speaking exercises allow Members to become familiar with oratory techniques and to learn mastering the art of speaking in public. The range of oratory exercises is diverse and encompasses conviction or synthesis exercises, improvisations on current subjects and free exercises on a theme and in a format chosen by the speaker.  These exercises are made in front of an audience of Members and of a corrector whose role is to comment the performance of the speakers and assist them in improving their speaking skills.  Mutual evaluation among the Members is also encouraged.


Members have the opportunity to meet with prominent actors of the Belgian socio-economic, political, academic and cultural scene. These are privileged opportunities to discover, learn, and debate over specific issue with leading figures in their respective field of activities.  Minutes of these meetings are reported in the magazine of the Olivaint Conference called “Contact”.

Program 2015-2016 (Fr)